Model Blog Series -Mayah Hatcher

December 07, 2016

Model Blog Series -Mayah Hatcher


Empowering the world and humanity is something instinctive. "Be uplifting", "be kind", "be a light and help others" all statements that mom, daddy, and the school nurse instilled in us, but we forgot about it starting with ourselves. In the midst of being told to act, dress, and speak like a lady, we seemed to have missed the part where you are the single person that you need validation from.
     One of my favorite subjects has always been female empowerment. One of the most badass women of my time (Camille @brasiliangold) said, "Feminism is weak." After dusting the salt off of my shoulders, I found unquestionable truth in Camille's statement. I think labeling what a woman should be undermines the journey of learning, unlearning and relearning pain, then self-regard. Tragedy then fulfillment, desertion then solace, nothingness and then rebirth. I'm not implying that we be extremists, though it's unanimous we've earned that right. I'm saying that empowerment and feminism in all its levels of intensity should be the fundamentals of womanhood.

     In the crossfire of medical, political and moral chaos, us women are in reform! This movement is heartening and unwritten, but as it blossoms, I've written two essential rules of my own.

1: Don't tear other women down.
     We've all delivered and received harsh and snarky shuns from other women. Shade may feel like a step forward for your self-esteem, but it's 10 giant leaps backward for womankind. There's a bit of you in every woman you encounter, so treat Her as you'd treat yourself.

2: Let no man dictate your involvement in the feminist movement.
     Yes, even YOUR man. I've come to terms with the fact that men and women will never fully understand each other, but the effort to do so is immense! We discuss feminism in hopes to educate, so by all means, stand your ground, but there's no need to beat a dead horse, ladies.

     Instead of investing energy into willful ignorance, devote it to a cause that'll treasure your power and knowledge. There's the "Clinton Foundation" that strives toward a future where gaps in the participation of women in every aspect of life are filled. There's the "Global Fund For Women", where every donation can aid girls and women in understanding that demanding educational resources to realize their rights is fair. There's also the "Feminist Majority Foundation", which is a non-profit devoted to the progression of non-violence, economic development, women's power, and equality. Don't forget to focus energy on strengthening the women around you! Being a freelance model for quite a while, I've channeled the impartiality of not taking shit while also being gracious, and it astonishes me how many fellow female freelancers disclose their struggle to confidence and solidity. It's the perfect opportunity to empower other women!
     Girls, you are infinite and capable and infinitely capable! You hold up half of the sky and it is such a true honor to be who you are; life givers, trailblazers, artists, angels, devils in red dresses, rock stars, engineers, driving forces, and so much more! The euphoria of being everything woman is perpetual, so pass that shit out like Oprah passes out Dell 30-Inch widescreens!


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