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June 27, 2019


For the mint outfit I chose solstice pieces along with pieces from my closet from the same color palate that harmonize together for a pastel, soft and velvety look which puts me in touch with my feminine side.
Layering the velvet harness bra over a top and having the harness peeking out of a skirt showcasing and highlighting my body all while being fully dressed is such a power move that makes me feel like a knock out and when I look good I feel good!! The two piece solstice harness bra and panty is a way for me to elevate an ordinary outfit and take my favorite underwear as outwear!
For the neon outfit I chose the flamingo deep v lace body suit and paired it with other brightly colored selections from my closet for a strong, bold outfit that makes me stand out and feel like the center of the room!
Solstice has so many colors, textures, and shapes that draw me to them and this body suit has it all with the neon color, lace, harness, low cut style it's so sexy and taking it from underwear to layering it as outwear makes me feel irresistible. I love making unique outfits and solstice enables me to be creative and express myself to endless heights!!
The range from their selection is so wide there's endless looks to be made with all the variety from textures and shapes that flatter and fit to my body there's nothing as sexy as wearing handmade lingerie especially as a day time look going out and about or onย  dates. I love styling all my looks around solstice pieces they give my self confidence the biggest boost, are super comfortable and stylish! I feel like a fashion forward, high style, super model!!ย 

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