September 20, 2019


This is for the ones who embrace their subtly sexy selves..The ones who want to capture secrets in the velvet, and crave the taste of delicate details.
Ever wonder how we emboss our velvet? The process is quite simple; with a spritz of water, a bit of heat and some even pressure, we add an extra touch of love to our velvet fabric. 
We give just as much care to making the stamps as we do our intimates; all the stamps we use are sketched out on a blank piece of rubber, then hand-carved to perfection.
We started carving the stamps and embossing as a result of collaborating with brands to customize pieces for them.
We thought..why not enhance our luxurious velvet for everyone?
As a brand that is dedicated creating exceptional pieces for our gorgeous customers, embossing adds that extra fine feature. It is flawlessly reflective, custom, and beautiful.
Our velvet garment bags have Solstice on the front (pictured in the making), and all of our velvet socks have ‘Solstice’ on the soles! 
The Sweet Jane collection and Kush Track Shorts are adorned with the iconic cannabis leaf. 
We’ve done custom embossing for the amazing Third Man Records, The Brexley and for the Born Free moto show. 

Photo credit: Joseph Maddon

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